Dumb Warnings Stupid and Funny

Have you ever seen real signs that are supposed to convey a message but turn out stupid and dumb! Yes, Dumb Warnings are everywhere.

Dumb Warnings
Stupid Warnings
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Dumb Warnings

Dumb Warnings are a result of human error or negligence. We can see them everywhere around us which make us laugh. For example, it may be a road sign that is wrongly worded or a spelling mistake or just malfunction of an LED display.

Some are irritated by the warnings which are put up wrongly. While others are amused by the fact the stupid sign is still there. Dumb warnings could lead to serious injuries in some cases such as road signs.

Dumb Warnings leave people misguided or convey the wrong information. People are just confused by looking at the signs and are clueless about what to do. The Dumb Warnings are even more confusing for out of town visitors and tourists.

The manufacturers of the Dumb Warnings may have produced faulty signs and the installers care less about correcting it. Dumb Warnings are thus a result of negligence or ignorance.

Dumb Warning Entrance
Dumb Warning Free Air
Dumb Warning Banana
Dumb Warning Signs

Social Media

Dumb warnings can be found everywhere and the Internet is a good source for watching the signs. You can find examples of some stupid signs on the Facebook Page. On Twitter, the hashtag for the Dumb warnings is @Stupid_Signs. Pinterest is another source for Dumb Warnings. On iFunny, StupidSignz is the tag for Dumb Warnings.

Dumb Warnings are thus fun to watch but can be irritating at times. Businesses and service providers must exercise caution for the signs they post. Any errors must be rectified immediately to avoid any embarassment in the public. Dumb Warnings may result in bad reputation for the business and turn away customers.